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Computer and manual translation from German

Recently, after viewing the first part ” Back in the Future “, I have caught myself on an idea, that many interesting moments and have remained not noticed. In a network there are many resources on this theme, therefore at me and the idea was born – to create the fullest compilation of such facts. Graphic examples are taken from a German resource ZIDZ.COM. So, I bring to your attention.

In the beginning of film hours on which the person hangs show. It is the well-known stage with participation comedian Harold Lloyd (film ” Safety Last ” 1923). In this film Harold Lloyd hangs on an arrow of tower hours… And this stage is parodied by other Lloyd – Christopher in the end of film, hanging on hours of a town hall.

The announcer of news in the beginning of film – an actress Deborah Harmon who was already removed at Robert Zemeckis in 1980 in film ” Used Cars”

In the beginning of film it is visible, that Doc has hobby – he plays on a saxophone.

The huge amplifier to which Marty in the beginning of film attaches an electroguitar in laboratory of Dock – carries designation CRM-114. So the decoder of messages in Stanley Kubrika’s film ” Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb “. Besides it is number of a spacecraft from film ” 2001 – A Space Odyssey “, too Stanley Kubrick.

Solar glasses which Marty carries in the beginning of film were only for the advertising purposes, and it is more in the trilogy do not appear. For film some contracts for positioning advertising products have been concluded. One of them – are obvious (Pepsi, Texaco, Toyota), and others – are not present. The company ” California Raisin “, the manufacturer of raisin, has paid 50 ‘ 000 dollars for that their product has appeared in film. A trade mark of the company have drawn on a bench on which in the end of film vagabond?sleeps. The firm has protested – and to it{her} have returned the fee.

In 1985 Doc Brown lives in garage of the country house from 1955. The house has burned down! In the beginning of film it is possible prohonour on cuttings from the newspaper, hanging on a wall. Besides in the same place it is written, that he has sold the ground to developers – therefore in 1985 near to Brown’s house there is restaurant Burger King.

In the beginning of film where Marty participates in competition of muses. Groups, in a role of one of judges there is a singer Hjui Lewis, the author of songs to film ” The Power of Love ” and ” Back In Time “. he, when ???????? plays the tool version ” Power of Love “, complains that group “very loud”.

On number of the car by which Marty and Jennifer pass after listening, it is written ? FOR MARY ? – in honour of Mary Radford, assistant the director of the Second Unit Director Frank Marshall.

All stages of 1985 on the area before a building of court have been finished shooting by the end of shootings. First side scenes of city have been created in bright tones for 1955, and then peeled for 1985. Many a bench, existed in 1955, are closed in 1985. On a bench on which sit Marty and Jennifer, the trade mark of jeweller shop ” Zales ” which now is in shopping center ? Twin Pines Mall ? flaunts. In 1955 this shop is located on the main area!

In the beginning of the first part the eaves before a dial of hours on a building of court is whole, as Marty yet has not changed the past. After the dock stumbles and brings down a part of an eaves in the end of film (in 1955), this piece lacks both in 1985. And in 2015 him too is not present!

Jennifer writes down phone on a leaflet about restoration of hours. her number – 555-4823. In the American films all phone numbers begin on 555 that on them nobody called really as this code in the USA does not exist.

Cover on a nuclear reactor on forage DeLorean – actually a cap of a wheel of car ” Dodge Polaris “.

On DeLorean in film the scale of a speedmeter reaches 95 miles at an o’clock. But on real speedmeters DeLorean till inclusive 1985 the scale reached only 85 miles! There is not enough for travel to time.

Photo of a real speedmeter

To be continue…

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