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" Back to the future " curious facts. Part 3

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Computer and manual translation from German

?« Back in the future-3 ?» was the first film with new prompt? Universal by its 75-years anniversary.

Back to the Future part 3 Universal

Doc? Brown has a TV in the house and one more in garage. Time at him in 1955 two TVs, arises a conclusion: the Doc is rich. 😉

Back to the Future part 3

The lightning strikes at o’clock per 1955 at 10:04. When? Marty and Doc face to a map of gorge Shonash, on a background hours of a building of court which show this time are visible. Besides on a background there is Clara who waits, that she will be taken away from station.

Operator-director Dean Cundey plays the photographer who photographes Doc and? Marty before hours.

The musicians playing on a city holiday – group ZZ Top, singing the version of the song ?«Doubleback?». They, as well as at modern numbers, twist guitars about the axis – but in 1885 it is made also by the drummer with the drum! Besides ZZ Top sing fate-version of this song in final credits.

Back to the Future part 3 ZZ Top

Marty? copies Eastwood’s trick from film ?« For a handful of dollars ?» (which has been shown in the second part), having placed under clothes a pig-iron door from an oven.

Christopher Lloyd took off in 1999 in a serial ?« Spin City ?». A series referred to ?« Back to the Future IV – Judgment Day ?» ?? In this series there is an abundance of hints on ?« Back in the future ?» in dialogues. Fragments from this series also are in a series ?« That??™s Entertainment ?» – a clip-show, devoted to sendings to films.

When ?« Spin City ?» have transferred for other program time, in an advertising roller Michael J. Fox and his colleagues sit down in DeLorean and move in time for new time of translation!

Christopher Lloyd still acted in a role of Doc Brown. In the American teleshow ” Earth Day ” he actively opposes environmental contaminations.

The End