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" Back to the future " (continue). Part 2.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Computer and manual translation from German

In the second part the actress played Jennifer was replaced. Claudia Wells, played her in the first part, has left a cinema because of problems with drugs, therefore in second part Jennifer played Elisabeth Shue.

The reason of that the Dock pulls together a skin from the face have thought up that he had not to carry a make-up ?« Brown’s old Doc ?» during all continuations.

In 1955, 1985 and 2015 on the area before court there is an autorefuelling “Texaco”.

In the future to cinema there is a film ?«Jaws 19?», the director – Max Spielberg. Spielberg really has a son by name Max.

Marty looks in 2015 in an antique shop and sees on a show-window a figure of Roger Rabbit. In film ?« Who has substituted Roger Rabbit ?» (1988) Robert Zemeckis was the director, and Christopher Lloyd played the main villain.

Except for that in the same show-window – jacket? Marty from the first part

In ?« Cafe 80 ?» waiters – Michael Jackson, Ronald Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini electronic variants. It is a parody to a serial of 80th years ?« Max Headroom ?». There too there was a computer character, and he as stammered.

On a wall in ?« the Cafe 80 ?» hang heads-images of different well-known persons. From left to right: Fidel Castro, Prinz Charles, Michail Gorbatschow, Howard Cosell, Ronald Reagan, Ayatollah Khomein.

One of children to whom? Marty shows a computer game ?« Wild Gunman?», with ease admirers of “Lord of teh rings” learn{find out} is Elijah Wood!(Frodo) To him then there were 8 years, and it is one of his first roles.

When the stage where gang runs into a facade of a building of court, stuntman Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon, replaced actress Darlene Vogel was removed, has strongly damaged legs, having flown on a column of a building of court, and has been hospitalized for some weeks. As she, laying in hospital, could not be made a copy, the stage and has entered into film.

Voice of jacket Marty, the counter of a taxi and door system in house? Marty – the same.

The second variant of the newspaper ?« USA Today ?» where arrested gang? Griff is shown, opens their present names. Under nicknames “Data”, “Spike” and “Whitey” disappear Rafe Unger, Leslie O?‘Malley and Chester Nogura. Other articles in this newspaper: ?« Washington prepares for visit of queen Diana ?» and ?« New strike of a fingers gang ?». As payment in 2015 is made by means of a fingerprint, naturally, there are the criminal gangs hunting fingers!

The almanac costs 32,19 US dollars.? Marty has paid for him by means of a fingerprint. Thus, money for the almanac have been removed{have been taken off} from the account 47-years Marty.

Hardly the thin almanac shown in film, could find room for 50 years of sports statistics, including regional results ?????»?»?µ???¶???????… competitions. But the book have specially made such thin that it got into a pocket of jacket? Marty and a pocket of trousers Biff.

In 2015 a fashion on carrying of two ties at once! On 47-years? Marty it is put on two ties. On Doc Brown too, but they transparent, therefore it is not so appreciable.

To be continue??¦