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"Back to the future" – curious facts. Part II (continue)

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Computer and manual translation from German

Role Needles, colleagues Marty which in the third part causes it{him} on autorace, Michael Balzary more known under a name ?«Flea?» (Flea) – the bass player of group ?« Red Hot Chili Peppers ?» plays.

On a fax notifying? Marty about dismissal, the address of the enterprise is written: ?« 11249 Business Center Road, Hill Valley, CA 95420-4345 ?». Actually this postal index belongs to small town Caspar. It is in five hundred miles to the north from Los Angeles at Pacific coast.

In 1985 (1-st part) on an entrance inscription ?«BOB?» (in honour of two “Bob”, Zemeckis and Bob Gale).

In a lane in 2015 any careless schoolboy has spilled ?« Class of ‘ 16 ?». ?« Hilldale – The Address Of Success ?» someone has made Of an inscription ?« The Address of Suckers ?»

In a year 1985 someone has altered ?« Hill Valley ?» in ?« Hell Valley ?»

The casino ?« Biff Tannen??™s Pleasure Paradise ?» have been made on an image of a casino ?« Plaza Hotel and Casino ?» in Las Vegas.

The neon sign with signature Biff Tannen??™s is similar to a neon sign ?« Bob Stupak??™s Vegas World Casino ?».

Biff transfers to itself the almanac of sports. He speaks ?« Florida will win the world championship on baseball of 1997 year, well certainly. ?» Film has left in 1989. 8 years later in the world championship on baseball the team of Florida, Florida Marlins has really won. The most interesting – in 1989 at Florida at all was not the baseball team, and Florida Marlins did not exist yet!

All results of sports events on November, 12th, 1955 – real. Game UCLA against Washington has really ended Jim Decker hammered last second with the goal.

In the newspaper when the heading ?« Dr. Brown Committed ?» turns in ?« Dr. Brown Commended ?» one more heading changes. ?« Nixon to Seek Fifth Term ?» changes on ?« Reagan to Seek Second Term ?». Besides in the newspaper of alternative time war in Vietnam still has not terminated.

The end of the second part

To be continue??¦